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2011 Alumni (Click Here)



Feedback from Alumi:

“Orange County’s Everybody Dies Horror Film Festival keeps horror and the macabre alive in sunny Southern California. Festival directors Jeff Smith and Sara Parrell couldn’t be more accommodating to the filmmakers and the fans with brilliant programming, red carpet surprises and their cozy and congenial after parties. With a perfect blend of theme and tone, pairing like-minded short films with their feature film counterparts and Jeff Smith’s vast knowledge of the genre, evident in his Q&A’s, one gets a real sense that this is a horror film festival put on by horror filmmakers. DEER HEAD VALLEY, a film in which I directed, made its rounds on the horror festival circuit in 2012 and EDHFF stood out, by far, as one of the best up and coming festivals.”

-Travis Greene, director DEER HEAD VALLEY


“If you’re fortunate enough to be selected for the Everybody Dies Horror Film Festival, your film is going to find a home amongst some of the best Independent Horror Films being made today. A home presided over by two of the nicest deranged maniacs I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.”

- Caleb McKenney, director SLASH


“As soon as I walked into the EDHFF, they knew my name and which film was mine. The festival directors are true horror fans, the venue was awesome and the whole thing felt like watching a bunch of great horror movies with a big group of friends.”

- Billy Hanson, director SURVIVOR TYPE


“Although no one actually died at the festival, (that I know of) It was indeed KILLER. A bloody good show! I will continue to submit my films and attend ’til death do us part. Long Live Everybody Dies!”

- Mitch Urban, director BRAINEATER


“The “Everybody Dies Horror Film Festival” brought the horror genre to Brea in style! Our cast and crew had a blast showcasing our work and enjoying a unique variety of shorts from around the world. Kudos to the event staff who were awesome throughout the event. Looking forward to doing it all again!”

- Michael Carreño, director DESERT ROAD KILL


“Everybody Dies Horror Film Fest, one the best film screenings we’ve had in 2012… it’s 2013, come get your Horror On People!!! Thanks for having us…”

- Alejandro Patino, actor DESERT ROAD KILL


“I’m so thankful for Everybody Dies. Not only were they super friendly and inviting, they gave me a great opportunity. The press my film got from the fest is unmatched and it’s not everyday that a first time filmmaker gets their very own Q&A. Everybody Dies is truly a festival for the filmmakers. I’ll never forget my experience and I hope I have the opportunity to submit many more films!”

- Katie Downer, director ORANGE COUNTY HILL KILLERS


” I can’t think of a better way to experience the horror genre. This festival offers the independent filmmakers’ creative out of the box point of view. Definitely shouldn’t be missed!”

- Jossara Jinaro, actress DESERT ROAD KILL


“This festival is a breath of fresh air. In a county that was made famous by certain hipster shows this festival is out to show that Orange County has teeth… big ones. Overall this Festival was amazing! It was nice to see fellow film makers get together and express excitement for each other’s films. Most of the positive energy that was flowing through this event was due to its hosts and we are all thankful for this.”

- TrulyDisturbing.com