Celebrating LGBTQ Stories: The 29th Annual Q Films Festival

The 29th Annual Q Films Festival in Long Beach

The city’s oldest and only film festival for LGBTQ people, QFilms showcases captivating feature, eye-opening documentaries and inspiring short films. It also aims to elevate and provide visibility for the community, said Carlos Torres, executive director of LGBTQ Center Long Beach.

This year’s lineup at the historic Art Theater includes It’s Only Life After All, an exploration of folk-rock band the Indigo Girls and Studio One Forever, a look back on the fight against AIDS in West Hollywood.

Feature Films

The 29th annual Long Beach QFilms Festival, presented by the LGBTQ Center of Long Beach, features narrative films, documentaries and shorts. The event is the city’s oldest film festival and the only one that showcases stories that embody the LGBTQ community. Thousands of movie lovers and industry professionals attend the festival each year.

This year’s festival opens with the film Commitment to Life, a documentary about the fight against HIV/AIDS in Los Angeles. Other films include the drama It’s Only Life After All, a portrait of folk-rock band the Indigo Girls; and a documentary about jazz musician Billy Tipton’s transition to being openly gay.

A feature-length film called Bros, co-written and starring comedian Billy Eichner, is scheduled to close the festival. Other highlights include the documentary on the late actress Chloris Leachman’s final starring role in Jump, Darling; and a program of LGBTQ short films including CORTOS: Latinx Queer Shorts; Men in Briefs; and Long Beach/LA Queer Shorts.


The Long Beach QFilm Festival offers a mix of narrative features and documentaries that embody the rich diversity and experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBTQ) communities. The city’s longest-running film festival annually welcomes 1,500 people to savor a mix of West Coast, Southern California and local premieres as well as some of the most acclaimed features on the festival circuit. Many of the films’ cast and filmmakers will be present for audience discussions following screenings. Other festival events include nightly parties, Sunday brunch and an exclusive filmmakers lounge.

QFilms is presented by The LGBTQ Center Long Beach, which advances equity for the community through culturally responsive advocacy, education, programs and services that serve 25,000 people each year. The organization aims to create an inclusive community that is safe for everyone, especially those who are most marginalized. Proceeds from the event will help fund The Center’s many services including HIV and STI testing, youth and senior programs and counseling.

Short Films

QFilms is Long Beach’s oldest film festival, showcasing narrative-style films and shorts each year. Organizers welcome thousands of movie lovers and industry professionals each year to the historic Art Theater located on 4th Street next door to The Center.

This year’s lineup includes a wide variety of documentaries and narrative films, including an exploration of the lesbian music scene in Los Angeles in the ’80s and a feature about gay nightlife in West Hollywood. Other films focus on social movements, from Black and Indigenous feminist women who fought for marriage equality in the ’50s and ’60s to AIDS activism in LA in the early ’90s.

Attendees can purchase tickets for individual programs such as the Trans Short, Men in Briefs and the Long Beach/LA Queer Shorts or for a complete weekend pass on the QFilms website. All proceeds support The Center Long Beach, which advances equity for LGBTQ people through culturally responsive advocacy, education and programs.

VIP Pass

The 29th annual Q Films festival, a cinematic celebration of LGBTQ experiences, opens this week at the Art Theater and The Center on Long Beach’s historic 4th Street. The event showcases narrative features, documentaries and short films that embody the rich diversity of LGBTQ communities. It also includes a variety of special events.

The festival has been around for 30 years and attracts thousands of movie lovers, industry professionals and community members each year. It is the city’s oldest and only film festival that celebrates the magnificent diversity of LGBTQ stories.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic last year, QFilms pivoted to a virtual platform to reach more viewers while maintaining the integrity of the festival’s programming. This allowed them to expand and feature international submissions in addition to local premieres.

The festival accepts both physical and digital entries. Submissions must be uploaded to Eventive and include a link to the official film trailer. All shipping and handling charges, duties and taxes must be paid by the entrant.

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