Discovering a New Audience for Evergreen Films at Filmhub

Evergreen Films Get a New Audience at Filmhub

Filmhub specializes in distributing older titles that might not make it to traditional channels or that see a second life on streaming platforms. These types of films are called evergreens, and they can benefit from a new audience.

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Boot Camps

In this week-long program, teens learn to take their filmmaking skills to the next level. They are given a crash course in operating the camera, recording sound, and screenwriting. They also work with a local media arts professional to bring their original film ideas from script to screen. This summer, the teen filmmakers are working to produce films about local businesses and social service organizations. They will be shown at the end of the summer for family and friends.

Boot Camps are specialized, intensive training programs that can rapidly increase a participant’s knowledge and expertise. They can be as short as one day or as long as 12 weeks. The participants usually have enough practical experience to land a job within the industry after completing the program. In addition, these programs can be cost-effective. However, to make the most of them, the participants must be diligent and actively participate.


Film hub is a collaborative network of film exhibitors across London. It brings together independent cinemas and multiplexes with local community groups, pop-ups, and community organizations to make sure cinema reflects the diversity of the city. Members benefit from Skills, Experience, Learning opportunities and Visibility. Membership is free and open to all film exhibitors in the capital. To apply, click HERE to pay your application fee and attend a screening (physical or virtual).

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Filmhub offers workshops for aspiring actors and filmmakers to build their skills in different areas of filmmaking. These include acting, cinematography, script writing, editing, and sound recording. Film Hub also organizes film competitions and networking opportunities. In addition, it provides professional training in the form of short film productions and workshops. Those interested in taking part can join the community for free or enroll as an HDFA student.

Unlike traditional Hollywood, Filmhub works directly with filmmakers to get their content on streaming services. The company starts by interviewing the filmmakers to ensure their work meets the technical specifications of the streamers it works with. It then uses technology to get that content up as soon as possible. Its focus is on distributing full-length films, but it also distributes serialized content like TV shows and shorts. The company hopes to eventually launch its own direct-to-consumer streaming service. This would allow filmmakers to connect directly with viewers, without having to give up any of their rights.


The FilmUp Mentorship programme gives eight tenacious and talented filmmakers the opportunity to take their film to the next level. The selected participants will be matched with a mentor and will participate in a six-month programme of FilmUp Hub days, where they will work together to develop their projects. Script to Screen engaged three external selectors to read all applications and choose the eight exceptional participants who will form this year’s group.

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