Movies Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month at Mitchell Park

Movies in the Park Mosaic

This movie series shows films that portray people who stand up for what they believe in. It is screened at the beautiful Mitchell Park which is a great place to hang out.

This is a special fall edition that celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with Lin-Manuel Miranda films! Grab a blanket and enjoy these outdoor movies.

Hotbed Outdoor Movies

Whether at a retro drive-in or your local park, outdoor movies evoke the magic of old-fashioned neighborhood gatherings. Alfresco screenings usually begin in spring and continue all summer long, with some extending into fall and winter.

A fun and unusual series that leans into martial arts — specifically, films beloved by Wu-Tang — and themes of villainy. A stand-up comedian kicks off each movie night, and a full roster of food trucks rounds out the experience. Free, but parking costs $10.

The Martial Arts Movie Night

Bombs and bullets have nothing on the speed of fists and feet in these kung fu classics.

Robbie is a bullied teenager who discovers he has the power to beat his tormentors with help from his aunt and uncle, who run a martial arts studio.

Tjahjanto, who co-directed the brutal V/H/S 2 entry Safe Haven, delivers a blood-drenched action film. Iko Uwais, star of The Raid, is at his best here, showing off a Mortal Kombat-like level of joint manipulation and severity.

Movies in the Woods

A slasher, a monster movie and a Lovecraftian pact all in one, this horror comedy is a great example of the way the woods can play an important role in movies. Joss Whedon wrote the screenplay for this movie, which stars Kristen Connolly, Chris Hemsworth, Anna Hutchison and Fran Kranz.

A modern twist on classic fairy tales, Into the Woods combines the plots of Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk and more. Its chief virtue is that, unlike Marshall’s previous musicals, it doesn’t fling its cast of Broadway stars into the screen and then edit them into seizure-inducing chunks.

National Library of Medicine Outdoor Movies

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) has a world-renowned collection of historical audiovisuals, which document medical and health-related topics. This collection includes public health titles, clinical and training films, commercial films with a medical theme, and documentary footage of biomedical research.

NLM’s curated portal, Medicine on Screen, features a selection of titles from the cataloged collection. The site highlights important medical films, enriched with contextual information and scholarly commentary.

The Memorial Bookstore Outdoor Movies

Bring chairs, blankets and food to the city’s neighborhood parks for a series of family-friendly films in August. Each park offers a different film each week. Check out the lineup on the Movies in the Parks website.

Gather on the natural amphitheater of Federal Hill, beneath Adam Kurtzman’s Giant Golden Hand, for a free outdoor cinema experience inspired by AVAM’s current exhibitions. The evenings also include an assortment of curated activities like short film screenings, story competitions and author readings.

Mitchell Park Outdoor Movies

The park features a beautiful, large outdoor space and is surrounded by amazing restaurants. Come early to snag a spot and make sure to bring a blanket for ultimate comfort.

G3 member Merleen VanDyke said that the organization will likely show a movie before dark, and people should come prepared to stay until it’s over. The group plans to hold other events, including a tai chi class and a performance of Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” this year. It also supports the Greenport Village’s antique horse carousel.

Union Market Outdoor Movies

Roll down your windows, feel the warm breeze and crank up the volume as you enjoy this drive-in movie series. Jon Gann, founder of the DC “must-do,” hopes to reignite a love for the theater with this summer’s edition through Friday, July 21.

Bring your blankets and chairs to the South Riding walking cinema at sunset to watch family-friendly movies on a large outdoor screen. Admission is $15 per car or free for those who walk in.

REACH Outdoor Movies

Escape the confines of the multiplex for immersive cinema experiences that bring films to life. Quote-alongs, sing-alongs and LARPing invite attendees to actively participate in their favorite films’ worlds.

Sit picnic-style in Strawberry Park to enjoy modern and classic feature films screened on the Kennedy Center’s REACH video wall. Events include preshow music and local entertainment. Refuel with food and drink from Union Market favorites.

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